....StarsbyNight is the first business to offer astro tourism on the island of Fuerteventura. Our mission is to inspire people about the beauty and origin of our universe and the importance to preserve a dark night sky, as a right to humanity and all other species that rely on it. At night the Fuerteventura is transformed into a sky bursting with stars, inviting us to reconnect with the beauty and complexity of our universe. We will take you to the darkest spots on the island to show off the true magic of a starry sky, a crescent moon, star nurseries, planets and much more!  ..StarsbyNight es la primera empresa creada para ofrecer un turismo astronómico en la isla de Fuerteventura. Nuestra misión es inspirar a todos, con la importancia de preservar un cielo nocturno oscuro, como un derecho de la humanidad y de todas las especies que dependen de él. Disfruta de la maravillosa isla de Fuerteventura desde una perspectiva diferente. Por la noche la isla se transforma con un cielo salpicado de estrellas, invitándonos a reconectar con la belleza y complejidad de nuestro universo. Os llevaremos a los puntos más oscuros de la isla para poder enseñaros lo mágico de un cielo copado de estrellas, una luna creciente, planetas y mucho más.  ....

Join StarsbyNight on a magical journey through the Universe. We offer 3 different experiences. 1. Observation of the night sky with an Astronomer in secret locations dotted around Fuerteventura. 2. Stargazing tour of the night sky in the Corralejo Dunes with our Star Guide. 3. Gastronomy and Astronomy nights. A traditional dining experience ending the night amongst the night sky with the Astronomer, learning about the starry skies. 

“Magical stargazing amongst ancient volcanoes-amazing family memory”
— Gill W, England

We offer a 5 day/night photography workshops each month. Our photography team and workshops will support you to gain confidence through learning different techniques which can be applied to low light photography. Know what you are doing? We also offer Guided Photography Nights that include transport and guidance of our incredibly talented photographic team on a mission to capture the beauty of the night sky!

Lying on the ground, seeing a complete umbrella of stars that we can never see, will be a long lasting memory for us
— Sue C

This is a learning holiday. We offer a 3-day astronomy workshop. Each day consists of 2/3 hours theory and a two hour observation. You can choose the topics of the workshop, from basic to advanced and even include an introduction to night photography.

Really interesting excursion and delicious canarian food :) loved the explanations about our universe. felt so small ! and perfect organisation... recommend it to everyone that is a dreamer :)
— Geneve S, Tripadvisor