Imagine pure serenity! 

Surrounded by the mountains and dramatic wild landscape, with the ocean on the horizon. The only sounds are the goat's in the distance as they meander through the volcanic ravines. An incredible view as the sun sets over the west coast, bathing the small villages below you in it's warm glow as it slowly dips into the Atlantic. As the darkness creeps in, the universe above awakes, displaying all of its treasures! 

Welcome to a room with a view, experience our Starlight Adventure. Based in the secluded village of La Matilla, we have found the perfect site for your overnight experience. Our spacious "Bell Tents" offer room for up to 4 people, with beds, linen and basic BBQ facilities provided. There is a toilet and running water on site (not drinking). 

sunset and crescent moon.jpg

An amazing opportunity to “unplug”, go offline and a chance to experience the real magic of this ancient volcanic island. We put this to you as a "one night adventure", something different to compliment the rest of your trip.

Special introductory price of 90€ per night for one person or a coupe. Extra people are at 25€ per head. You will need a hire car as the location is off the beaten track or alternatively we can arrange your transport (cost dependent on where we are collecting you from).


Comfort comes first! A 2m mattress with quality linen and blankets so you sleep soundly. Plus luxury bean bags to observe the night sky.

Experience the night sky surrounded only by the sounds of nature!

Experience the night sky surrounded only by the sounds of nature!

Email us at info@starsbynight.es to book your night. Through out July we will have the special introductory price. Experience Mother Nature at her best!