....The island of Fuerteventura is made up of ancient volcanoes and spectacular beaches, but there is another hidden treasure to explore! The night sky is a wonder to observe. Each night sharing a different side to her immense beauty! With the phases of the Moon, the movement of the constellations, the Milky Way and the constant dance of the planets around our Sun, to mention a few. And here in Fuerteventura we have excellent conditions for observing the night sky, surrounded by the awe inspiring landscape!

Our location close to the equator gives us access to the whole of the northern hemisphere and a large part of the southern too. We have clean skies, with little: air pollution; air traffic; cloud coverage and light pollution. The island received Starlight Reserve status in 2015 in recognition of the sky quality and access to it.

Dare to venture into the darkness and you can locate constellations and learn about their associated myths, understand the formation of stars and basic astronomy and if you are lucky you will get to observe a galaxy, binary stars, a planet, our magical Moon, nebulas or even shooting stars!

Experience the wonder of the night sky under the guidance of our passionate star guide or astronomer and connect with nature! ..

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